August 27th, 2020


would you mind to press it again?

У нас вчера с балкона из-за сильного ветра улетел огромный матрац с дивана. Но к счастью он упал на участок не к соседу банкиру и людоеду, а к милой бабушке. У меня полоса везения началась, надо спешить!


your right of a living creature

sometimes you even don't remember when it exactly happened that you discovered someone for yourself, because if there weren't had given the twist of coincidences, you would never run into this someone. even if you understand that the twist has hit and changed lives of the others, even if your can't get rid of the guilty feelings, you have your right of a living creature to be astonished, happy and grateful to the chaos which brought you to this someone. and all you can say is - I am sorry