May 28th, 2021


so hungry for them

many years I had to use men's perfume because I love men so much and so hungry for them that I used to puke from any fragrance made for women. can you believe it? but some years ago I was lucky enough to discover a very beautiful women's fragrance that I can stand. and I will never tell anyone, what it is, because almost all my friends already switched to it, just observing the shelf in my bathroom. If the company stops producing this perfume or some day will not have enough to cover my demands, I don't know

Когда "less is more"

До минуты 1:43 было все просто идеально, а вот потом душа унеслась в цыганский табор и не вернулась уже


long term plan

never underestimate the woman, who has a long term plan and has a patience to make a multi-level web which puts you in labyrinth with exits leading only to fulfilling her wishes