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my nickname in the family is "snake" because of my snaky character. my relatives noticed that even mosquitoes don't want to bite me, maybe scared to die from my blood. and i'm noticeably colder by touch than the others, because of my cool body temperature and low blood pressure. there were also many other evidences collected by my family to proof I'm more a reptile than human being but I don't remember them all - reptiles have small brains and tiny volume for memories, so that I store just bad ones - and this is also an additional proof. I'm extremely resentful. people who ever offended me or even tried to think negative about me can drop dead just after they walk around the corner. It is only a first page of my portfolio

  • Все таки Путин прекрасен

  • Опера Бизе, ария Хозе

    Сегодня у Серафимы всего рунета обсуждают Настю Ивлееву, которая мне очень нравится, к слову, и якобы измену ее мужа с якобы ее лучшей подружкой.…

  • summertime sadness

    when you just figured out that you are the sexiest cat alive and there is nobody can be found, who even approximately matches your level

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