eskalera (eskalera) wrote,

the most important thing - is not forget to do the thing!

it is really interesting to observe how amazing the diversity of a human sexuality is. there are straight people, and there are gay people. these people are actually very boring, because they just flirt, love and fuck with their sweethearts but do this in such a very decent and modest way, that it is hard even to notice it.

and there is another type of sexuality - sexuality in a form of protest, rebellion or even revolution. it looks so sparkling and penetrant that even night stars in the sky are crying of jealousy. everyone has his own reason for this cute sexual outrage - somebody is so paranoid to get pregnant a useless chick, that he would rather fuck a sheep, but it's illegal. another one is not very blessed with manly look, so that no woman with combination "beautiful and smart" ever gives him, and he decided to compensate it somehow. everything is very sublime and the only way to support these creative people is to pay enough attention to their adorable and dedicated performance. Because everything is saint which is not boring :)


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