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sometimes you have to say something even if you understand that it is superfluous. necessary but superfluous - actually the most natural combination in life :)

it is waste of you time to treat someone like a choice when this one can possibly come into a question just in one case - when there is no choice. in all other cases this one doesn't exist. zero

  • Все таки Путин прекрасен

  • Опера Бизе, ария Хозе

    Сегодня у Серафимы всего рунета обсуждают Настю Ивлееву, которая мне очень нравится, к слову, и якобы измену ее мужа с якобы ее лучшей подружкой.…

  • summertime sadness

    when you just figured out that you are the sexiest cat alive and there is nobody can be found, who even approximately matches your level

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