eskalera (eskalera) wrote,

no mistake

in every story there has to be a toad. nobody never wants to play this part, but in some situations you just have no choice - if you find another one beautiful in every way he is and you like everything about him, but he is constantly unpleased with you complaining about your imperfectness and unkindness, there is no chance to make a mistake who this nasty toad is

  • Все таки Путин прекрасен

  • Опера Бизе, ария Хозе

    Сегодня у Серафимы всего рунета обсуждают Настю Ивлееву, которая мне очень нравится, к слову, и якобы измену ее мужа с якобы ее лучшей подружкой.…

  • summertime sadness

    when you just figured out that you are the sexiest cat alive and there is nobody can be found, who even approximately matches your level

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