eskalera (eskalera) wrote,

be fair

sometimes it would be fair to admit that nobody pushed you to go that deep, every day deeper and deeper guiding by own selfish desire and by ignoring the fact that nobody ever was and is empowered to prevent you from this journey. there is always a way back. always. but as far as you want further to research the depth of your own ego, you will use all methods in the world to convince yourself and the others, that the way back is impossible

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    Когда родилась Мусяся, наш папенька отреагировал очень странно на ее внешние данные. Она была с черными волосами на голове, со смуглой кожей и очень…

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    I don't mind, if some people prefer to have short memory to build a mysterious heart eating monsters with their fantasies and give a hint about…

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    Я тут на прошлой неделе написала шуточный пост об изменах, на тему, может ли женщина изменять любовнику с мужем или мужу с любовником. Но если…

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