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easy to prove

woman is not able to love in a way man understands love. and it is very easy to prove. man can convince a woman with his love, even a woman who absolutely cold towards him, but woman cannot do the same with a man. why? just because it is not possible to convince with a lie. there is no example in human history about it. you can temporary manipulate with a lie, but never convince. the talk is of course about a sober confession, not about what is being said in delirium of passion.

the man who is just once experienced a woman "in love" with him and let her in his life, will be avoiding this bitter misery by all means in the future, if he gets a chance to free himself. to seek seriously a relationship which is based on woman's love can only a fool. all what woman can do - to accept and care. and this jack pot gets a rare man

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