eskalera (eskalera) wrote,

even in his thoughts

it can be a mind shaking experience if someone for the fist time gets in touch with a woman, who is like a fish in the water absolutely dominant in romantic feelings, but at the same time has zero ambitions in possessing or needing as an animal creature. a man, who tries even in his thoughts to overturn this status quo, can find only misery for himself and generate just toxicity for the relationship

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    Их множество безусловно. Но мало кто упоминает при всем остальном такое важное достижение, как формирование у ребенка чуткого вкуса к полезной еде, к…

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    fortunately we live in such times, when there is much more control, than everyone thinks. on the one hand it reduces our privacy, but on the other…

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