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the most annoying problem in relationship between man and woman is that the man sincerely believes he can rule or change or correct woman's decisions while he cannot even master his own obsessive mind. and moreover - he expects some help from her. to change and correct. her.

woman is not obsessive creature, because the nature has put too much responsibility in every cell of her body including the brain. obsessive woman is mentally unhealthy. there are a lot of women nowadays who pretend being obsessive, because of the trend for mimicking man's behaviour. but it is waste of efforts to believe in it and to base the interactions on this believe.

healthy woman is emotional and compulsive, but not obsessive, because the natural pragmatism always has a sedative effect, while man doesn't have this barrier.

and only imagining the situation, when somebody, who has to be facing/accepting/taming or somehow dealing with his obsession, does in this terms nothing, but chooses to rule the life and decisions of the another one - only imagining this seems to be absurd, but in relationship between man and woman it is still considered to be a beautifully reasonable way.

yes, because life has to be a miracle, otherwise it is too boring for man's mind.

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