eskalera (eskalera) wrote,

live and let live

some people are searching for perfect answers, dreaming for right changes and hoping for better, but some people are just enjoying their lives like a rare bright warm luck in the dark and cold universe, without asking and even having a slight interest, what "perfect", "right" or "better" at all means.

only one is clear - if you stick to your own philosophy and do not waste your energy to convince the world in supremacy of this philosophy, you will always win

  • А знаете ли вы...

    что, допустим, я сейчас на примерно 48ой широте, где находится Мюнхен, вращаюсь вокруг земной оси со скоростью 1120 км в час. Тысяча сто двадцать…

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