eskalera (eskalera) wrote,


there is a type of woman, who never gives a chance in her beautiful cosy life for any man to make a strike with her immediately. there will be always a hard path, tough stairs and slippery swamps. this woman will never help a man get over all of it. she will punch, through stones and spill icy water. yes, there is a type of a woman, who is very comfortable to be without a man at all. it doesn't mean that she doesn't love men, and be unhappy with one.

and there is another type of a woman, who is ready to move mountains, lay a soft carpet on a way to her and organise any sparkling circus, just to get a man around herself. because she feels, that she really needs it.

there is no good fairies and no cunning witches, there are just women different types. And there is no mercy for a man crying a river, who as stubborn donkey doesn't want to accept the difference and give a woman her right to be who she is. just because it is unfair

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