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sometimes you don't have to be an expert in psychology to be able to tell, if that, what you see, is celebration of a great idea or it is just an experiment on a certain human being, when a bunch of people around this person have a pure personal interests and goals, using his impulsive lability. no matter, how elegant and exquisite everything is represented, the latter version will always give a fleur of bad taste

upd: the latter version is absolutely not necessarily the case :)

  • mechanisms of regeneration

    to love someone and always be proud of someone, no matter what he does, it is actually the same

  • Этот удивительный хаос

    Бывают такие трудно разрешимые ситуации, что только ядреная упрямая глупость извне может помочь и проложить для решения самый удобный путь :)

  • dictator

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