eskalera (eskalera) wrote,

no woman no cry

all the conversations about image of a strong man actually have no chance to end up with some clues, because the most important thing in those conversations is not "what is being discussed", but "who is discussing".

among intelligent people the characteristics of a strong man can be very different from the ones among simple minded personalities, not to mention, it can be even opposite.

intelligent people cherish flexibility and natural ability to feel adequacy and proportionality, simple-hearted ones usually tender to stiffness.

if in an intelligent milieu the people are focusing on the question "in which situations a strong man cries" - because there is a lot of situations, where this ability shows a strong side of a man, and there is a lot of situations, where any emotions are out of place for a strong man equally as for a strong woman - in a shallow-brained society everybody wants a strait definition: either a strong man never cries, or he cries all the time to any occasion

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