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if there is some fire conversation between a man and a woman, I am the one who is always on the woman's side, because woman was meant for conversations and millions of years of human evolution have prepared the woman as an real professional fighter in a normal civilized argumentation.

and every time when I observe a man who is embarrassing himself with a lame attempt to proof his position, I get really nervous worrying that he doesn't end up with showing his bare ass just to put a last unbeatable point

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    to love someone and always be proud of someone, no matter what he does, it is actually the same

  • Этот удивительный хаос

    Бывают такие трудно разрешимые ситуации, что только ядреная упрямая глупость извне может помочь и проложить для решения самый удобный путь :)

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