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can allow

sometimes if you think that a woman behaves like she has no decent manners, it can mean just two things: either she really does't have any base for good manners or her self-awareness about her standards is so high, that she can allow herself never to question the style of her behaviour

  • princess

    every woman has her moral right to relax and to lounge around as a princess, if the man is anyway going to end up asking to safe him out of his shit…

  • Все таки не зря я обожаю США и американцев!

    Вчера прогремела новость, что Джо Байден топает ножульками и критикует гувернеров Техаса и Флориды за их хулиганское поведение. Оказывается,…

  • between

    the strongest emotional point you can bring a woman is to cripple her with dilemma between jealousy and boast

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