eskalera (eskalera) wrote,

healthy to admit

sometimes it is just healthy to admit, that all human beings are divided into two types:

those, who are believing in new beginnings from the scratch, who is able for this, who want this and who can be successful in this

and those, who don't believe, that it is possible to lose connection with the past, who don't want to break this connection, and who find personal strength in respecting everything, what happened before, in order to be able to succeed in own future

and it is very important to remember, that a transmission from one type to another or mixing up with a people of another type can be very painful, therefore - switching and mixing up for fun or for experiments can be even dangerous. it takes a lot of courage to choose, who you are, but it takes even more courage to adjust yourself to the thought, that you have to stay within your type and not to judge another one as something wrong

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