eskalera (eskalera) wrote,

hardcore is only for real poets

in some cases you don't have to torture yourself with a guess, if there will be a shitty outcome or not. because the most powerful and wise rule of life declares: if it all has started with a heavy drops of shit, you have to stop worrying and just relax. worries, wonderings and other boring stuff are only for snobs, who are cowardly avoiding strange shitty things from the very beginning. fuck them and let them live their boring life

  • Главная блондинка в семье

    Когда родилась Мусяся, наш папенька отреагировал очень странно на ее внешние данные. Она была с черными волосами на голове, со смуглой кожей и очень…

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    I don't mind, if some people prefer to have short memory to build a mysterious heart eating monsters with their fantasies and give a hint about…

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    Я тут на прошлой неделе написала шуточный пост об изменах, на тему, может ли женщина изменять любовнику с мужем или мужу с любовником. Но если…

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