eskalera (eskalera) wrote,

choices every day

we all make choices every day. some choices are hard to make, some are very easy. the easiest type of choices is made with understanding that nobody else has to pay for executing your own personal interests. and every day we all clashing with the personal interests of the others, which is absolutely normal, because life is a way with crossroads.

and if a person makes a choice to drown somebody in mud just because he happened to move on the road junction, instead of smoothly settle the matter making compromises as all normal people do, this person should have no complains and no surprises, if the universe performs a victory dance, when at the end all attitude and circumstances can turn very mean around.

and the worst choice, which can be made after all that initial greedy stupidity - is trying to compare this case with a situations of innocent victims, in order to seek for some compassion

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