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sometimes you don't have to obtain a degree in psychology to discover that someone wastes his time and life energy convincing himself in urgency to collect a score point and bounties in environments he can only puke, cheer up himself from puke and puke again.

and sometimes it is very important regularly to remind this person that the choice of this direction has already for a long time ago become exclusively his own choice and nobody is obliged by any rules of human kindness to sacrifice even a drop of own life joy to support this absurd

  • "Она вас и оценит, станет вашим другом, откроет вам все свое сердце..."

    "Француз, мистер Астлей, это - законченная, красивая форма. Вы, как британец, можете с этим быть несогласны; я, как русский, тоже несогласен, ну,…

  • funny

    there is a type of a man, who doesn't want to believe that he was funny and really kicked in the ass

  • ...

    бывают такие удивительные союзы, что после любого события, неважно уже какое оно, дебильное или разумное, ты себя ловишь на подлой фантазии, a как же…

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