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independency is just an option

personal independency is a rough path full of threats, rebukes, conflicts, poison damnations and at same time it is surrounded by zero admiration or praise. if you choose to strive this hostile way, nothing can weaken you more than your own naivety and fluffy illusions about reality in order to escape the emotional discomfort. independency is not an obligation, it is just a life option, but emotional discomfort in the context of independency in opposite - is not an option, it is a necessary part

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    to love someone and always be proud of someone, no matter what he does, it is actually the same

  • Этот удивительный хаос

    Бывают такие трудно разрешимые ситуации, что только ядреная упрямая глупость извне может помочь и проложить для решения самый удобный путь :)

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