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always understand

we always understand the fairness of our actions. of course there is a personal perception involved, what we call as fair and what as not fair. but if you understand yourself, that your attitude and your expectations are not fair, and therefore still continue to pretend as it is fair, you will harvest nothing but providing your opponents with easy luck

  • Все таки Путин прекрасен

  • Опера Бизе, ария Хозе

    Сегодня у Серафимы всего рунета обсуждают Настю Ивлееву, которая мне очень нравится, к слову, и якобы измену ее мужа с якобы ее лучшей подружкой.…

  • summertime sadness

    when you just figured out that you are the sexiest cat alive and there is nobody can be found, who even approximately matches your level

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