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some men are so eager to throw a performance, that they are ready to deliver this even for free: to manipulate, to drag the others into the plot making fools of them, to play a complete frustration but under their cold minded control, and the best of all - to remain totally aside from a direct spotlight

  • as a true part of nature

    just be smart, stubborn and careful on your cell level

  • Ассоциации с личным опытом

    Тут в связи с вакханалией религиозных фанатиков, носящихся с добровольно принудительными прививками, как визгливые куры с яйцом, мне вспомнились два…

  • not necessary

    if you swallow your lover the whole up right in the end, when it is still dark and nobody has found yet, crying afterwards is not necessary

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