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sometimes it is really very weird. sometimes it is really committed a Great Shit. and it is absolutely obvious for everybody, that nasty shit has happened and it's happened not by itself but it has been committed by a shitty person. It is clear for everyone around and it is clear for this shitty person as well. and I am always wondering, why not to clean the shit you have done? it is so fucking easy. just in order that everybody around who is aware about the story (all actually) will stop being disgusted by your smell

  • love and support

    the universe is beautiful

  • "У нас карантин..." "Болеете?" (с) Брат-2

    Сегодня прочитала у miss_tramell про алкоголь. Ну на самом деле не про алкоголь, а про то, что Шнуров разводится с очередной женой якобы из-за…

  • А знаете ли вы...

    что, допустим, я сейчас на примерно 48ой широте, где находится Мюнхен, вращаюсь вокруг земной оси со скоростью 1120 км в час. Тысяча сто двадцать…

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